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What is an online gambling portal?

The aim of an online gambling portal is to provide information to bettors on a number of betting sites or casinos. This information will generally consist of reviews of a site, how secure and safe they are to use, and any additional information which may influence a player to sign up.

What information does a gambling portal provide?

An online gambling portal will give an overview of a casino. While many of these types of sites provide factual information, the details they give can vary. For example, one gambling portal may recommend a site based on its overall performance where another will rate that same site poorly.

The details a site will look at are:

  • The type of sports/games/poker tournaments a site covers
  • Bonuses and offers
  • The quality of their odds
  • The software providers of games
  • Banking – Deposit methods/withdrawal times etc
  • Mobile site and app functionality
  • Security
  • Customer service and support

Are online gambling portals fair and unbiased?

It really does depend. As affiliate companies earn a percentage of the money a new customer provides to an online gambling site, it can generally be in their interests to entice new bettors. Therefore, it is rare to see an online gambling portal with critical reviews of a site if they make money from that company.

While many sites do claim that they provide objective and unbiased views, the majority of the sites that they do cover always have very favourable reviews. In this regard, it may be a good idea to keep that in mind when reading some reviews.

How to tell if an online gambling portal is legitimate

If a site is singing the praises of absolutely every betting site or casino, then it is more than likely not unbiased. Look for cons as well as pros, and generic language that fails to provide specific details on a site.

What makes a good gambling portal?

Simply put, a gambling portal which is rich in detail and covers everything you want to know about a site. From the number of sports, it covers the types of slots you can play, any portal worth its salt will have all the information you need. More than that, it will provide it in detail.

Far too often, you will find reviews of betting sites and casinos to be fairly generic and following a similar pattern. While all the main points are discussed, there seems to be little in terms of what makes one site better than another. If site “A” excels in one area but fails to do well in another, then it would appear that a review is based on fact rather than written in a way which influences prospective players.

Having personally read reviews from a number of portals, most of the information found does tend to be pretty similar. What will always stand out is an honest review which appears to have had a lot of effort put into it. When you do find a portal that takes its time to investigate all of the main points of online bookies or casino, then it is likely that you will return to that same portal looking for answers.

Always pay attention to how a portal justifies its ratings of an on online gaming site, too. If the review you are reading is simply nothing more but a ploy to get you to sign up, you may be left with a sour taste in your mouth afterwards. You can always compare reviews on other portals and read player testimonies to piece together your own opinion on if it is a risk worth taking in signing up with particular sites.

How to choose a gambling portal you can trust

For many bettors, experienced or fairly new to the game, there is a chance that they have read a positive review of a site only to find that their own experience didn’t match. While they were promised the sun, moon, and the stars, what they actually find is far from it. The amazing games on offer turn out to be pretty mediocre, and the service not as stellar as one would expect from reading the review.

So, how can you go back from that? You can always look around to see if there are any other sources of gambling reviews, for a start. These days, there tend to be a number of sites which specialise in gambling reviews, acting as portals to particular sites. In order to separate the trustworthy from ones which are not really up to the mark, consider the points below:

  • Is the language clear and concise?
  • Are the reviews well written, in-depth and helpful?
  • Does the writer appear unbiased and objective?
  • Is the casino or bookmaker which is being reviewed consistently gaining good scores elsewhere?
  • Are the positive points also weighed against negative points or features of the site which could be classed as underperforming?
  • Do you feel like you have learned about the site, rather than just received a sales pitch?

There are many ways to determine if a review is worth your time, and the above pointers are generally a good place to start. Having written reviews for a number of years, we understand that it is important to provide as much detail and honest facts as possible. Without the information bettors truly need – rather than maybe what they want to hear – there is always a chance that their experience will be a poor one.